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It has been said that picking a wedding dress is an essential decision a bride makes when planning her special day . Choosing a wedding gown is what all bride dreams of doing , but then choosing that perfect dress can take lots of time and effort . Women will remember their wedding dresses for a lifetime many thanks to the a great number of photographs that will be obtained the day of the wedding ceremony .When beginning to shop for dresses there are a lot of factors to determine what style to buy. Many ladies make the mistake of testing on many different styles of dresses – keep that in mind not all shapes are perfect on everyone .


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 Wedding Dress Styles – The Structure of a Wedding Gown

Before walking into a bridal store , you need to know the simple wedding dress styles and the terms used to describe them . A wedding dress is typically described by 5 parts : silhouette , sleeves , bodice , neckline and train . For every part of the dress , there are various styles :

Silhouette The silhouette is the basic shape of the gown :

Sleeves For wedding gowns , sleeves tend to be more than just long or shor

Bodice As the name indicates , the bodice represents the “body” of the gown , or the section between the neckline and skirt .

Neckline The most noticeable part of the dress in your wedding photos, the right neckline can create a truly stunning wedding gown.

Train More than any other element of the wedding dress, the bridal train has the ability to transform. It’s the elongated back portion of the gown that lies on the floor and trails out behind the bride as she walks, giving her a majestic appearance.



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